What do you think the biggest downfall or biggest negative attribute about the car scene is? How do you feel it should change, if at all? And what, if anything, is holding you back from getting deeper into the scene?



I’m too broke to get more into the scene.

I want to see more wheel companies. New aero parts from creative minds. Fresh designs. Less “oh that’s hot I want it” and more ” that’s cool but let’s put my own twist on it ” - Craftsmanship outside of prefab.

I don’t like that a lot of car enthusiasts are negative towards eachother, like form v.s. function and stuff. Embracing what others love to do to their cars is rad, be it slammed with oni camber, big offset, no offset, negative offset, track function, fun function, lap times, useful aero, exaggerated aero, drift style, whatever!

I think if everyone supported everyone else’s visions it’d grow nicely away from that cancerous hate bullshit.

less hate, more style